Data Analytics

Data is considered to be the most phenomenal aspect of a business from an operational and revenue standpoint. Both ‘Data Intelligence’ and ‘Data Analysis’ are being adjudged as a precise predictor for critical factors that may affect businesses negatively or positively.

Businesses are considering Data Analytics as the most resourceful activity, mainly because of its ability to provide future business projections on parameters that are vital for any business such as Customers, products/services, warehousing, sales growth (weekly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly), etc.

Prodevbase is completely driven, passionate and has the right expertise to provide the best Data Analytics services to our valued clients.

Our corporate office is being located in the US because of which we’ve been able to provide comprehensive, tactical and in-depth data analytics services in the USA.

Data Analytics provides this incredible platform wherein Data Analytics specialists methodically compute data.

The outcome is pitch-perfect data charts and graphs that provide a crystal-clear picture as to where the business is heading towards, and what can be done to streamline the business operations so that the result is both rewarding and profitable.

Our Key Differentiators:

  • Prodevbase has a team of Data Analytics specialists who truly understand and are completely in line with the key data trends that are happening across various industries.
  • A firm grip on all the leading BI tools that play a significant role in critical decision making for businesses to realign and readjust their business goals, if need be required.
  • A framework that ensures that there is a properly laid down process-oriented methodology for executing data analytics projects coupled with the right amount of technical finesse.
  • A stringent protocol for project timelines and quality assurance in order to ensure coherent Data analytics solutions that is able to meet client expectations, and hence create authentic value. This will for sure lead to a win-win situation.
  • Providing expert advice and support to our clients to make them understand every technical aspect that revolves around the Data analytics platform. This not only helps our clients to be more adaptable towards Data analytics but also provides us with a sense of fulfillment.

There are many data analytics companies across the globe who are ready to deliver and deploy data analytics solutions.

But, the key question is how successful are these very data analytics companies in helping businesses by providing concrete solutions that can not only help businesses in the decision-making process but also give a clear projection as to how their business will be like in the next five to ten years.

Now, these future projections matter the most.

We at Prodevbase are passionately committed to continual research and come out with key data trends that are actually categorized into rooting out the performance of a business.

Where exactly does our expertise lies in?

  • Customer analytics
  • Operational Analytics
  • Financial Analytics
  • HR Analytics
  • Sales Analytics
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Transactional Analytics
  • Product/Service Analytics
  • Market Analytics
  • Competitor Analytics

The outcome ensures that the business has to accelerate in the right direction, by entirely eliminating the timewasters, that obstruct the growth of a business, and thereby focus on key parameters that drive the business.

Data Analytics Strategy At Prodevbase:

  1. Firstly, identifying the client’s Industry, their specific business verticals, and what exactly does the client want from a Data analytics perspective.
  2. Developing a Data Analytics blueprint that comprises as to how Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive or Prescriptive analytics can be integrated into the situational context of the client’s business.
  3. Remodifying and reassessing the Data analytics blueprint based on Client inputs or as and when required.
  4. Getting client approval from both an operational and financial perspective. Providing an in-depth cost statement that includes all the necessary costs covered that need to execute the project.
  5. Initiating the project and simultaneously being transparent to the client about the project’s progress, taking in strategic inputs as and when required.
  6. Finally, coming out with an insightful data-driven report that comprises of charts, graphs and in-depth reports giving a clear consensus about your business-critical data.

What’s even more startling is the fact that a massive number of organizations across the globe regardless of scale are coming forward to implement and get benefitted from Data Analytics.

On the other end, there needs to be a viable provider who truly understands Data Analytics from the inside out and that too from a Global corporate standpoint.

Prodevbase is fully in sync with the current trends in Data Analytics and how it is going to make a massive shift in the way organizations carry out their businesses. We at Prodevbase have trained and skilled data analytics specialists who’ve been consistently providing exclusive data analytics services in the USA and other countries. We ensure that through our prolific Data analytics solutions, we can help you identify the key trigger points that can help your business propel in the right direction which can eventually lead to a meaningful outcome.

We at Prodevbase have this curiosity and the willingness to do the best and meet our customer expectations time and again. Our well-laid down customer-centric framework coupled with a step-by-step execution methodology ensures that quality is top-notch and the solutions thus provided are exactly as per our customer’s requirements. We are fully committed to providing only the best of services in the vast domain of Information technology, and hence keep strengthening relationships with our valued clients.

Customer service and support are where we have gone really deep in order to serve our customers in the most satisfying manner possible. We strongly believe in the power of optimism, and hence are constantly involved in elevating our employee’s skill base so that they should not settle down for anything less than a great performance. We carry out all these productive activities so that not only we as an organization grow, but our client base also gets the best value that which they have been truly aspiring for. We are fully in line with justifying a client’s ROI.

We can do reports like these for you easily, and we don’t charge you for the first report.

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