Know How Data Analytics Powers Banking Vertical

Why Banks Need To Leverage Data Analytics

Data Analytics is a crucial feature of financial institutions of all hues. Be it investment banking or securities trading, the role of data analytics has been crucial for helping in making data-driven decisions. With technology making inroads into every aspect of our lives, data analytics has acquired a lot of traction in the banking sector. In the first decade of this millennium, the surge of big data has thrown open tremendous prospects for banks to develop and remain still significant.

On one hand, rudimentary data analytics is a crucial constituent of your banking policies, the use of advanced and predictive data analytics is increasing to help you offer profound insights.

How Do They Go About Deploying Data Analytics

If your bank has to leverage advanced analytics, you have to comprehend the elements that constitute the technology.

Advanced analytics includes Reporting, Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics, and Prescriptive analytics.

  • In reporting, we focus on converting raw data into meaningful information, arranging data sets utilizing basic analytics.
  • The descriptive analysis helps in dealing with, noticing activities, and compiling the information collected in reporting.
  • Predictive analytics uses the above models to foresee future dealings.
  • With Prescriptive analytics, one can arrange results from descriptive and predictive analytics to determine what will be the situation like in the future, why it will be like that, and how it will play out.

All these elements power advanced analytics that facilitates you to seek, act, and analyze predictions and expectations. Financial executives like you need accurate data promptly to make informed business decisions. Banks all over the world are waking up to the significance of analytics and are, therefore, exponentially increasing their investments in advanced analytics. Interpretations of advanced analytics are helping banks improve their decision-making capabilities like never before.

Included in the scope of applications are upgrading everyday activities to improve productivity.

The real utility of advanced analytics has been to better customer experience. As digital transformation engulfs the banking sector, focusing on customer needs is most critical to banks.

Banks increasingly require analyzing customer perspectives for understanding their needs and desires, interacting with customers to improve customer’s faith to retain them, and providing outstanding services to improve further customer service.

How Advanced Data Analytics Helps Them

With advanced analytics, your bank can prevent fraud by detecting them. Although conventionally fraudulent activity was recognized by the use of transaction monitoring systems that needed human participation and wasted your time and resources, advanced analytics helps your bank in foreseeing customer activities, and detecting suspect spending practices. When they are noticed, the alerts are sent out immediately, restraining further fraudulent activity with instant actions, such as notifying the customer and freezing the account.

Your bank needs to implement predictive analytics and machine learning extensively to secure and protect accounts against recurring cyber-attacks.

Banks are turning to advanced analytics in order to acquire more customers through target boosting. Analytics help in creating broader customer classification and records for the marketing department to determine proper targets on the precise mediums.

If your bank wants to retain its customers, you need to focus on the quality of service (QoS), find out who the customers are that could switch over to other banks, and provide attractive incentives to retain them. Data analytics helps you understand how customers can be provided better services, understand customers’ transactional habits and paths, and use perceptions and conversion results to get at a ‘churn score’ to take protective actions to retain customers.

When revenues are decreasing, predictive analysis helps your bank initiate efficient revenue channels by cross-selling or up-selling of banking services and products. Predictive analysis helps your bank to understand customers on a micro-level, by understanding their transaction behavior, knowing their spending habits and understanding how they use social media.

How Does Prodevbase Help Banks

Our work does not stop after we have analyzed your data. We help you in collecting, incorporating, and organizing data to develop, test, and fine-tune analytical models to gather accurate answers on the standing of your business currently and what the emerging trends would be. These will help you to lay a road-map for your activities in sync with them, keeping in mind the core interests of your bank.

The Prodevbase team is ever willing to work with your bank to help you take advantage of data analytics. Many consultancies offer data analytical services. Not all of them have the capability that Prodevbase has. Initially, our data scientists take note of all requirements a specific analytics application requires. Following that, they get down to developing it. Delivering customized solutions is our USP.

Your bank invariably gathers a lot of data. Instead of just storing it, why don’t you use the data to develop your bank skillfully? Data Analytics empower you to make much more informed decisions. Touch base with us to make sense of your raw data. please contact Andrew at 773-516-5789 or reach us at info@ProDevBase.comor more information. Partner with us soon and reap the benefits sooner.

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