Primer to Data Analytics and how it will benefit your business


Data is just huge sets of information trapped as raw data not useful to you or anyone else. Data Analytics takes raw data and turns the data into meaningful information. This happens when our team transforms the raw data in the way we process them. Together, we need to scrutinize the raw data properly to obtain valuable information stored within them. This data, gathered through our process, (which is often carried out by using specialized approaches and tools, to analyze them is data analytics) delivers the return on investment most firms use to gain customers, or information leading to competitive edge.

We, at Prodevbase, use processes and software to enable you to make informed business decisions by executing the above-mentioned approach. Through this process, we also help your team substantiate or refute various theories and principles in your industry.

The Prodevbase team uses various types of advanced applications in data analytics, such as rudimentary business intelligence, documentation, and online analytical processing (OLAP). Data analytics is similar to business analytics but is very limited in scope like the latter.

By using data analytics, in the customized way that you specify, enables you to potentially improve ROIs, enhance marketing campaigns, the efficiency of your operations, your customer service areas, while taking actions as they emerge from the raw data. These emerging market trends could be your ticket to one-up your rivals. In the bargain, you can achieve the objective of enhancing your business performance while refocusing your budget upon key identified areas.

The analyzed data can be in the form of data sets or new information that needs to be processed to achieve for your business real-time analytics’ benefits. This information is culled from different sources by using both internal systems and inputs from external data. This data can then be placed into easy to read reports or dashboards or graphs charting the trends. In this way, we transform raw data into useful decision-making information.

What Makes Prodevbase Different?

In short, Prodevbase has teams of Data Analytic experts. You can use our teams rather than hire your people full time. Our team stays current on cost-effective enhancements to deliver to you and your team. Each year, new advancements in approaches toward data analytics include; data mining, predictive analytics, and machine learning. Our team can simplify your learning curves allowing you to be more productive to your customers sooner and without the expense of training your internal staff.

Data mining is used to determine trends, models, and connections all derived from the information you collect. Predictive analysis helps in foreseeing customer activity, possible breakdowns, and other future outcomes based on previous patterns and trends. Machine learning, on the other hand, is an artificial intelligence method that uses automated algorithms to process data sets much more quickly than manual processes used by data scientists in the past.

Together, our talent and your knowledge of your industry can bring greater success to your organization. The scope of our expertise in data analytics is not restricted to only analyzing data. We help you collect, incorporate and organize data and then develop, test, and tweak analytical models to obtain precise answers on where your business stands currently and what the emerging trends are. These will help you to act accordingly, taking into consideration the interests of your enterprise. This is the core of every business. How are we doing? And, how can we do this better?

The Prodevbase team is ready to work with your organization to help you leverage data analytics. While other consultancies claim to be data analytical experts, few firms are truly experts. Prodevbase is different. Our data scientists factor in what is necessary for a specific analytics application and then develop it. This allows us to deliver customized solutions to you.

Your business compiles lots of data. You store data. Why not use the data to leverage growth intelligently? Growth can be managed or happenstance. Data Analytics allows for intelligent decision-making. Teaming with Prodevbase is your key to unlocking your raw data. Please contact Andrew at 773-516-5789 or reach us at for more information. Partner with us soon and reap the benefits sooner.

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