How to Improve Small Business Performance with BI Using Data Analytics

Many organizations are trying to improve their decision-making processes. The real issue is how do you know that you have collected enough information to have your management team make a critical decision which could effect the viability of your business. This is an article dedicated to turning your data into information for your management team. What is data?

Data is the crucial ingredient to understand customer satisfaction, which, in turn, helps in generating more revenues for your business. As data is growing at an exponential pace, it is opening up new avenues for businesses of all types.

Small businesses are now able to reap the same benefits that larger organizations do because of the cost-effectiveness of software products running in the cloud. Business Intelligence products (BI) allow your firm to turn data into information which can ease, speed, and validate decisions needed for future growth and management. Every business has to be nimble and flexible to adapt to the uncertainties prevailing in the marketplace. This ability applies not only to large but small companies as well. At one time only the big companies could afford the luxury of exploring the data they collected. This became a big advantage.

Today, new data preparation tools and practices have been created to help regulate and secure data. Companies like ProDevBase speeds this process of narrowing the cultural differences that exist between business and technology. The strategy is required to secure maximum results with a minimum of costs and expenditures.

Using a third party, like our firm, provides you with the ability to use Business intelligence. Leverage Data Analytics on demand. When you need to make the key decisions use all of your information. ProDevBase can provide you with both predictive, as well as prescriptive analytics. With predictive analytics, your business will use your existing data to anticipate future expectations. Management decisions require good inputs and good information. A good manager explores both the opportunities and the threats that you might have to deal with.

When your company makes decisions for sustainability; understanding the data which you have collected by the customer, by location, or from other variables, can speed and validate the decision-making process. Your firm might actually save money by avoiding the consultants, who want you to believe that they know more about your business than you do. The key is knowing how to use your data.

In many cases, data is a crucial ingredient to understanding customer satisfaction. Happy customers generate more revenue for your business. The hard part of management is understanding which data you need for decision making.

ProDevBase has two units. One unit is there to recommend to you if you have the data you need (if not then you can begin to capture what you need). Our second unit can speedily build what you need for your decision making.

The data from our ProDevBase Development Group can be made visually easy to understand. Graphs, charts, various colors, or any other way you might like to represent the data. For example, one of our customers asked for store locations to appear either green, made the monthly numbers, or red, for missing their monthly numbers. Then by clicking on the store name the supporting financials were provided also in an easy to read format. This is what ProDevBase can do for you too. This is not an expensive proposition. Most of the time costs for using data analytics has a tremendous ROI.

How can you turn data into information your team can use? ProDevBase is a consulting firm that enables rapid business outcomes by bringing together the right people to create agile, transformative change. As a partner for our clients, we specialize in solving today’s most pressing business problems across the enterprise by delivering the information you need to grow your business and to retain your customers. Our engagements are designed to leverage the connection and collaboration of our people and your team to deliver speedy and practical solutions to sustain your management team. The result – more impact will be created with decisions that power our clients, to achieve our partners’ success.

In today’s world, dominated by technology, BI and data analytics have to be leveraged properly. Our task is to help you steer towards end results. ProDevBase is a partner more so than a vendor. Our team can support your team when you need us. Please contact us to see how we might assist your firm to understand the information which lies in your data. Be like the big guys for a fraction of what the big guys spend. ProDevBase can be an equalizer for your organization.

ProDevBase was formed in 2015 to fulfill the market need for the right skills, at the right time, at the right price. We were made for organizations like yours. We specialize in transforming data into information often required by small business management teams. We help small businesses grow into bigger organizations. Our unique corporate structure supports our philosophy—that a successful project can be delivered efficiently and cost-effectively.

Data Analytics is often an overused term. Business Intelligence is often co-opted into many different products. Those are secondary concerns. Your primary concern is to drive data into information, and information into decision-making criteria. ProDevBase is a consultancy dedicated to helping our clients drive transformation and growth by employing their existing technologies and processes wherever possible. Our mission is to empower your employees, accelerate your innovation in order to deliver the means for you to maintain and grow your market share. Simply put, ProDevBase delivers an amazing client experience.

ProDevBase has long-lasting client relationships which demonstrates our commitment to being a long-term partner to our clients. Our offerings include Advisory, Integration and Managed Services for Packaged, Custom, Mobile and Cloud Applications, as well as a variety of Analytic and Infrastructure Services. Please inquire as to how we may be able to help you too.

Leverage your data to gain the information which you might be paying to discover. We at ProDevBase are focused on driving change with hyper-scale and agile delivery of unique digital business services, strategic business models and design-led user experiences. Our team delivers through the expertise of our people and the power of our innovative strategies and solutions. Our mission: to securely and rapidly transform the way our clients do business. At your convenience please contact Andrew at 773-516-5789 or reach us at

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