Application Development & Analytics

Application Development & Analytics

This is also called as an ADA group. They handle everything that is related to the programming of the application, reporting of that application and also with data analysis services. They use various programming languages and platforms.

This group provides most of the administrative and institution level reporting services, programming of most of the core applications, as well as custom programming for home-grown applications. This team generally works with a common mission for accomplishment and the success of the application. Right from the inception stage of the application like from planning, designing to development and to the stage of deployment is taken care of by this group.

Every company has loads of information, and this information has to be handled well by a person so that he/she can conclude something out of that data. And this process of examining data sets in order to draw some conclusions from the information is the process of data analytics and the person who does this job is called as a data analyst.

In ADA group people divide tasks in order to make sure that all the work is met. This group is more like the heart of the organization as it deals with all the important tasks of the company’s growth and success.

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