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Data Analytics – A Must Read For Every Data Enthusiast

Data Analytics – A Must Read For Every Data Enthusiast

So much has been said about Data Analytics. What is this and why is the idea of Data Analytics important to you? Simply put, you collect data on a variety of items each and every day. Why not use that data to your advantage? Why not turn your data into information to better manage, and make better decisions for your organization?

By 2020, the total amount of data captured worldwide is projected to a staggering 44 zettabytes. The simple reason for this rise is that organizations both large and small are considering data to be one of the most critical factors for making strategic decisions within their business

More and more data is being collected.  As data amounts exponentially grow, we store more and more data. But we are not using that data in most cases. For example, we can trend tendencies based on captured data. We can find customer buying patterns.  Perhaps your organization could better use the data which you are storing. Or, maybe you are not capturing the correct data, where your competitors have that data.

The number of organizations advocating Data Analytics, like ProDevBase, have increased dramatically over the past few years. In our case, our clients are deriving greater benefit through the use of this the highly productive platform of ‘Data Analytics.’ We have found that many firms have been directing budget explicitly for Data Analytics. The attention worldwide to analytics is massive.

ProDevBase is a multi-functional firm who can both advise and recommend the best practices for data analytical use for your firm. We excel in the use of the latest data models, categorized based upon your specific business functions. We present you with a logical, in-depth, easy-to-understand and futuristic data-driven customized reports. All this and more can be expected to work with your team. 

Often, we find that the pace of conducting business is at an all-time high. We find shorter execution cycles.  Our clients often are processing complex and huge information blocks swiftly, and continuously. Management of our clients often is conducting short and result-oriented strategic meetings, where they attempt to chart out perfectly developed plans of action. ProDevBase can be an asset to your management team members and to your individual front line employees. Data Analytics is often an equalizer.  The use of your data can often bring everyone to the same page and hence organizational goals can often be measured and reached much faster. The active usage of meaningful analytics derived from your own data can actually help an organization to achieve its core objectives.

We have come full circle. Many firms are converting data into information and measuring performance based on analytics. Future performance and forecasting are based upon trends and past performance. Perhaps your organization is looking for ways to best utilize the bevy of data captured now through your various information-gathering sources. Could you be one of those organizations?

First a services company, such as ProDevBase, with advise and recommendation skills, would conduct a study to determine if the correct data is being collected by your sources today. Then an evaluation of the movement of your data would be conducted. From that, an assessment matched with your future goals can be completed for your review.

Not all Data Analytics firms are equal. In this world of Data Analytics, the people matter. Expertise matters. Flexibility to customize solutions matters. While many have been trained as skilled data analytics experts or as data scientists, few can parse the valuable data from the gargantuan amounts of data some firms collect. ProDevBase is familiar with a wide range of data modeling tools and techniques. We are specialized Data Analytics experts. Our core area of expertise lies in providing result-oriented Data solutions through a non- standardized set of systems, and Industrial insights. You are unique in your industry and we are unique in our industry. Our people are dedicated to creating authentic and coherent solutions that can prove to be outright rewarding for an organization to grow their specific businesses.  

To Recap:

Why does Data Analytics matter in today’s’ Digital and rapidly growing market?

  • Correctly used, Data Analytics can simplify complex and vital business information and get to the core of complex business challenges.
  • If you deploy Data Analytics, then often you can precisely show the potential risks that your organization can avert and thus avoid future unforeseen issues that might normally have obstructed your smooth flow of a business.

We at ProDevBase Technologies have excelled in the stream of Data Analytics in terms of experience and the amount of hard work for many years. Individually our people are some of the finest in the industry. Our firm is one of the best in Data Analytics services (Strategic and Development Services) serving the US. We serve all industries. At your convenience please contact Andrew at 773-516-5789 or reach us at

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